DePauli Engineering & Surveying, LLC

DePauli Engineering & Surveying, LLC. provides planning, and design, of roadways, waterlines,  sewerlines, and other structures to northeast Arizona and Northwest New Mexico.  Our team consists of highly experienced professional engineers and surveyors that provide friendly services for many projects, whether it is municipal, industrial, commercial and residential. Some of our work and projects we are a part of can be viewed in the projects gallery.


Firm History

DePauli Engineering & Surveying, LLC. of Gallup, New Mexico was established on January 1, 2000 with the  start of the new millennium, when the owners of Sterling and Mataya, Engineers and Surveyors, Donald Sterling and William Mataya sold the firm to Marc DePaui. The story of this small town company started out as a small firm  known as Allgood Engineer, created by Richard Allgood in 1967. Later on civil engineer Donald Sterling joined the company in 1968.  Bill Mataya, a surveyor for the City of Gallup, was partners with Joe Martinez in the mid 1960's.  After splitting, he joined with Allgood and Sterling, and the company changed to Allgood, Sterling and Mataya.  With the retiring of Allgood, the company changed the name to Sterling and Mataya, Engineers and Surveyors in 1981.  The company slowly grew in size, adding more engineers and surveyors. With the start of the new millennnium, Sterling and Mataya sold the company to Marc DePauli, establishing the company known today as DePauli Engineering & Surveying, LLC.

Records and Files

Our office reference library keeps and maintains the records and project files on many engineering and survey jobs from the aforementioned predecessor firms. It also holds most of the engineering and survey records from William Petronavich and John L. Kleiner NMPS #57, both who worked in Gallup and surrounding areas. DePauli Engineering & Survey, LLC. has over 120 years of engineering and surveying files specific to the City of Gallup and surrounding areas.  Our files range  from oil exploratory wells, mining claims, drainage studies and designs, water wells, buildings, pumps,  storage tanks,  pipelines, bridges, soil samples, geotechnical studies, environmental studies and accompanying designs for remediation, wastewater and water treatment,  reuse of treated wastewater,  water distribution and sewage collection systems and digital models to utility permits and licenses.

In addition, our surveying files are the most extensive in the area.   We have records for surveys for nearly every part of the City of Gallup, McKinley County and Northeastern Arizona.  Boundary, right of way, topographic, easement, construction and control survey files for the last 120 years are also kept in the office for immediate reference.  Our dedication to our work ensures top quality in any given project. We put our strongest minds to work so you get the best outcome.

If there are concerns about certain projects, feel free to contact us.

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